And discover how to apply the core Smart Property principles of Right Structure, Right Funding and Right Property Selection to grow your property portfolio faster and more effectively.

Q and A

Will I be pressured into buying a property?

Absolutely not. This is a low-key, exploratory session designed to see if and how we can help you achieve what’s important to you and your family. There is usually no discussion of specific properties during this initial phone call, and never any property to buy on this call – even if you want to.

Why is this session free of charge? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. We believe that if you genuinely want to invest in property, then the best first step is to provide you with the most useful information and advice we can, on a no-cost, no-obligation basis. If you’re happy with our approach, you’ll naturally want to find out more. Alternatively, if what we offer is not ideal for you, that’s fine too. This is a simple first step that allows us both to get to know each other, without obligation.

How does Smart Property earn its income?

We offer a range of services, with differing fee structures.

Where we act as a property investment advisor and introduce appropriate property(s) to you as an investor, our service is free to you. All property has a sales and marketing cost, and in this case, the sales and marketing cost is borne by the property developer or vendor.

Where we act as buyer’s agent, we charge a percentage fee based on your search instructions and success criteria.

Where we act as development manager for prospective investors who want to manufacture equity, we charge a development management fee and/or success fee.

We disclose all fees and charges up front in a clear and transparent way.


About Yannick Ieko Head Investment Property Strategist

Yannick Ieko is a co-founder and Head Investment Property Strategist at Smart Property.

He brings clients an holistic approach to property investment. He holds a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma in Mortgage Broking, a Diploma in Financial Advice and SMSF-specific qualifications.

Professionally, he has worked as a Business Development Manager for a large accountancy firm, a mortgage broker and a financial adviser before specialising in the property investment arena.

In 2010, he was named “Rising Star” out of more than 1,000 finance brokers by VOW, one of the largest mortgage broker groups in the country. He has also been featured on multiple occasions in industry publications.

With his multi-faceted background, Yannick has more in-depth knowledge of ownership structures, tax and property fundamentals than most in the industry.

He has assisted hundreds of clients invest in property, from first-time investors to developers of complex subdivisions and large construction projects – and has a real passion for helping his clients create more wealth, security and freedom through property investment.

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